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Albany Dentures

A great looking smile is a phone call away.


Dear Albany resident,

Hey there, we’re Albany Dentures – the Capital Region’s premier denture clinic.

In the past 33 years, our dental professionals have served thousands of denture patients at all stages of the process, from one tooth to a full arch of teeth.

Your smile has the power to brighten someone’s day and give you the confidence to live your life to the fullest.

No matter your age, young or old, our goal is to give you that perfect smile back with a set of affordable dentures.

We handle it all from creation to repair, replacement, relines, and partials.

A set of artificial teeth don’t have to be ugly or fake-looking.  It all comes down to the product quality and the experience of the person installing it for you.

fake teeth

We know dentures can look beautiful and natural because we’ve installed them for countless patients throughout the Capital District.

And here’s the best part…

A gorgeous smile doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. 

Don’t even think about skipping family vacation or breaking into your kid’s college fund to pay for false teeth.  We’ve got you covered.

One of the biggest things that sets us apart from the huge dental clinics you see on TV and all over the billboards in the area is the quality of care we offer.

Dentures can’t be treated like cheap widgets being assembled in a factory. They require attention to detail and customization to perfectly match your mouth. We’re the Albany upstate dental professionals and we can do that for you!

Whether you need denture repair or a new complete set, you want a dentist who will not:

  • Create cheap dentures that sacrifice quality
  • Keep you in the waiting area for 9 and a half years prior to your appointment
  • Rush you in and out of the room
  • Ignore your questions and concerns
  • Overcharge you
  • Or ignore your calls when it’s time for a check-up or adjustment

All you want is affordable dentures that look great and put a smile back on your face. 

Does that sound about right?

If that’s a yes…and you want the best dental implants in all of Albany, New York…removable false teeth that fit snugly to your gums and look real…

Then pull out your phone and call (518) 535-3429 now to schedule a free consultation.



30 plus years of experience is a lifetime in the dental world because of the number of patients we have helped.  You can rest easy knowing that your new prosthetic device will fit perfectly no matter if you’re missing one tooth, some teeth, or all of them.

affordable dentures albany ny


We get a lot of questions about our services because of the complexity of dental work.  Many times, partial dentures are all that’s needed to fix your smile.  If you’re only missing a few teeth, our dentists can design partials that fit seamlessly with your existing teeth and look exactly the same. Our team takes the time to find a tooth color shade that matches yours.

Partial dentures vary in type, kind, and quality, so you should think about what to get based on your habits.  A denture wears down faster than normal.  If you smoke or drink a lot of coffee, you could stain your new teeth.  False teeth can last a long time if you take care of them though.  Keep in mind that the longevity of your oral prosthesis is also affected by whether you use a metal frame.

Regardless of the dentures you choose, we’ll ensure that you are fitted with one that aligns to your jaw and is custom molded for you. An attractive look is great, but we also want to make sure you have something comfortable for long-term use.

What are your services?

Everything related, really. We do installations for all different types of dentures, immediate, acrylic dentures, permanent, porcelain dentures, complete, denture relines, full mouth dentures, custom false teeth and choppers, dental implants, denture partials, dentistry laser scanning, tooth extraction, sedation dentistry, wisdom teeth removal, tooth flipper and denture repair, and emergency denture replacement.

If you have had dentures for several years now and begin to see that they don’t look like they used to or don’t chew food as well as before, it may be time for a new set of choppers.  Just like any product, the surface wears down over time and requires replacement.  The American Dental Association recommends we replace dentures every 5-7 years to ensure proper fitting and normal appearance.

What areas do you serve?

Clients come to our locations, so technically we can serve anyone.  But, most of our patients come from Albany County – areas like Albany, Troy, Latham, Cohoes, Watervliet, Waterford, Green Island, Alcove, Altamont, Berne, Clarksville, Coeymans, Delmar, Feura Bush, Glenmont, Knox, Guilderland, Ravena, Newtonville, Selkirk, Slingerlands, Voorheesville, Westerlo, Rensselaerville, Preston Hollow and more.

In addition, some of the neighborhoods we see dental patients from are Beverwyck, Buckingham Lake, Crestwood, Center Square, Delaware Avenue, Dunes, Eagle Hill, Helderberg, Hudson Park, Krank Park, Mansion, Manning Boulevard, Melrose, Midtown, Mount Hope, New Scotland Ave and Woodlawn, North Albany, Pine Hills, Pastures, South End, Upper Madison Ave and Washington Ave, Washington Park and Square, and of course, West Hill.

On occasion, we’ll get visit from people further up the Northway.  Anyone who wants to work with our team can by calling in to speak with our professionals first.

Can you do both kinds of denture relines?

Yes. A reline is an affordable way to remodel your existing false teeth.  If you were wandering around outside one day and all the sudden your pants shrank 3 sizes, you probably be trying to get them off you so you could breathe again.  As your bones and gums change with age, typically shrinking in size, your dentures never do. This makes your dentures uncomfortable to wear because your mouth’s shape is different than before. When this occurs, ask for a denture reline.

Denture relines are a cost-effective way to update your oral prosthetic without needing a new set of teeth. Our experienced dentists can walk you through the different options, but there are essentially two – a soft reline and a hard reline.  The soft reline fills the gap with soft material, while a hard reline uses a denser material like acrylic. Hard relines are a more-effective choice long-term, but they are slightly more expensive.

What’s my next step?

Call an Albany dentist from our team now at (518) 535-3429 to book a free consultation.

From the provider of same day dentures Albany residents trust, thank you for checking us out.

All the best,

John Cerran

Owner, Albany Dentures

P.S. If you experience a dental emergency, don’t wait in agonizing pain for the office to open again.  Call (518) 535-3429 right away and we’ll take care of you.